Me again………….

Just picking myself up after the holidays and several falls, I have fallen straight on my knees so now been referred for treatment, and the fibromyalgia pain seems worse than ever.   Somehow I found the interest to begin again and here I am, my website is getting another upgrade and my shop is full again, although many more items to add.  I am trying again as ever.

It has not been all bad, with a loving family anything is possible, we have all our family this christmas together and many christmas outing and dinners together and lots of fun. Yes I did have to lose days in between to recover sufficient to go out again but I was begin to do more.  I find sometimes that you can mask the pain with humour and laughter of younger members of the family and some sensible resting alone for a few hours and more help with all the household jobs goes a long way.

I find my hobby has helped me again get through a difficult time and I have made many new items, and designed more blankets, cardigan, pullover poncho’s.

So here I am again hoping that this time will last longer and I shall get stronger, I am finding at times I get over fatigue and pain quicker for a short while with a more positive mind.  With this strategy I am working hard on a positive mind and will be starting Tai Chi in the near future, I will write and let you know how I get on.

Gentle Hugs…………..

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Still fighting

As you can see I am back again this illness renders you incapable of performing your life as you wish.   Since I was diagnosed (and before) It has felt like there is a force holding me back from achieving my personal goals.   I have many dreams but I start whole wholeheartedly but find my energy seeps out and runs away.   BUT I keep on coming back, I am now opening my new shop at and find the energy and help to my brain a welcome change to just thinking of the pain, I am not sure how long it will last, yesterday I was back ill again only able to lie in bed, but I made myself plan for today, although I was not sure it would come.  So here I am again still fighting, gentle hugs to all who are fighting their own battles and help and understanding for those who are on the sideline wondering what is going on with their loved ones……..

Nanny Cheryl Original Online shop


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I am still fighting

It has been a long time since I was here, I have stopped my hobby, creating, I have stopped my reading, the pain is really bad, I cant take medication    I have been down but will try again to write more frequently, it is difficult as my hands do not always work properly, I was taught to type properly the old fashioned way but my fingers have other ideas.  I am gaining positivity again and will soon start my projects again I feel this will help me again as it has in the past,  gentle hugs762 (11)

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Still fighting

The last few months have been hard, I had a 60th joint party with my husband in early may, which was exhausting but great, then comes the paying for it. No not money but my body, I have had so many pains and problems since pushing myself so much, I would still do it again but coping has been difficult.

I am still exhausted and have hurt myself a few times falling my whole hand turned black I didnt notice my hurting it as the pain was not felt over my fibromyalgia pain and other pains I have.

My fingers in my other hand somehow I knocked them it did hurt this time but for a few minutes then my whole 3 fingers turned black, so more war wounds to show the grandchildren.

Anyways when i have a great deal of pain as I have told you all before I crochet knit sew, whatever is possible with my hands and condition.

I have taken a patterns and use the base core and made changes and added new ideas, I shall list below shortly, it sure does keep me sane, well almost. It does help me with the pain, I do get so involved in the production and design of my work……..gentle hugs cheryl

Please leave me any feedback

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Hi again still fighting

I have been away for such a long time, first my mother was ill then I was very ill with a flare up and some sort of flu viras, been off all February March, began trying to do regular things around house again in April and we had a large party for our 60 th in May booked. I tried to keep up but struggled doing some chores and then resting or sleeping in between. Difficult with family in and out all the time and caring for my mother aswell. Anyway I am lucky as I always tell you all my family is a great help and uplift in times of flare ups of my pain. The night times I would start my crochet and knitting again, this really does help my hands to keep moving and my brain to feel worthwhile again. We had our party both my husband and I are now 60 we had a 60/70 theme party so all dressed up, over 100 came and joined in, such great costumes, I felt I looked more like a pantomime dame but the laughter and fun really was the best. We had a double marque in the garden with black and white dancefloor, great lights and the hanging dancefloor ball with dj and his lights. The party carried on till 2pm we had started at 5pm with family with many arriving after 7pm so such a long day. I had my morphine patches on and my painkillers taken and I think the rest was adrenoline which I could bottle this. I managed through the night I did dance of a sort but it was difficult and painful, but it had to be done only 60 once in my life. The party was 2nd May I am still feeling affects and pain from it, the first week after I could not move much and certainly couldnt do anything but the memories are worth more than the pain. I have always been determined to grab and keep as many memories and events as they should be as if I was not feeling the effects of this condition. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can start promoting my web and blog craft sites as well as my shops. I have a few new creations to promote. Apologies for any errors in spellings I will not check I need to go and have my sleep (if I can) Hope you are all managing with your conditions gentle hugs Cheryl

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January 2015 Still fighting Fibromyalgia

I seem to keep writing to you all to say ‘ I am back’    well yes I stopped any internet watching, blogging, selling or web updates.    I joined Google+ and started to become ill again (foggy brain)  I seem to have messed up my Google+ account, awaiting help whilst I write.

December started well, we had some lovely visits and theatre, cinema and family events, I found that each time I went on an event it would take a couple of days of confused disorder before I was back in some order with my brain and body.

Pains have been extreme whilst I continue on regardless of the pain, I have been trying to walk more, being overweight and unable to move or exercise much makes it an uphill journey.

I start the new year as ever (a chance to get it right this year or to make my life better for me and my loved ones)  I went abroad this year a cheap holiday on the first week of the new year, difficult flight, seats are small and cramped but I was determined to go.

I ended up in Canary Islands, nice, windy but also sunny, really enjoyed just resting and being with my husband of (40 years).

I came back and was straight back into my walking (or trying) and swimming when I start.

Still not been on any internet sites until tonight, trying to put details on Folksy or more items to sell but system seems to be faulty (had to be tonight)  I worked my enthusiasum up all day.  lol    seems to be my luck at present, never mind I shall try again tomorrow.

Had a lot of problems today with my words (worms as we call it at home) couldn’t get my worms out right felt like I was doing a Two Ronnies sketch .

I shall try as ever to write each month at first and hopefully more often as I can.

Gentle Hugs

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